Steam Engine Row

This exhibit is available for viewing Wednesday-Sunday from 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., but does not run except during Special Events.

Displayed on Steam Engine Row at the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum are more than 20 fully operational steam engines dating back to the 1860's. They range in size from 10 HP to 300 HP including vertical and horizontal engines, using many different types of valve mechanisms. A number of Steam driven oil and water pumps are included along with steam driven air compressors. Steam is provided for the displays operation from two horizontal trane return flue boilers and a back up Duton Vertical Boiler. Currently a "Ball Steam Engine" that powered the first electrical power plant on Santa Catalina in 1902 is being restored. The engine was donated by Southern California Edison Company.

Engine manufactures include: Allis Chalmers, Green Field, Vilter, Worhtington, Skinner, Ohmen, Star, Peerless, Union, Farrar and Trefts, Jamos Leffer, Nagel, Wachs, Idea Ajax, Orr & Sembower, Frost, Ball, and many more.